Monthly Archives: October 2015

Winter Guide To Golf

Winter Golf: Tips To Beat The Cold

It’s been said often, and rarely disputed, that a golfer will play through anything. Not even a downpour of biblical proportions immortalized in the movie Caddyshack can keep Bushwood’s resident bishop from squeezing in a quick nine. So if you’re one of those golfers who is willing to venture outdoors when it’s cold and windy, on days that require running…

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Long Drive Champion, Jeff Flagg

Going Deep: Interview with Long Drive Champ Jeff Flagg

Club head speed, smash factor and yards. Those are the numbers, especially yards, that have put the sport of Long Drive on the map. But for last Tuesday’s RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship winner Jeff Flagg, the only number that mattered was measured in inches. Flagg, a 29-year-old former minor league baseball player, edged Jeff Crittenden to win the $250,000…

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