Karl Vilips: Lessons Learned From a Golf Phenom

Paul Vilips isn’t the sort of person you actually interview. Rather, you make the suggestion of a question and you brace yourself for whatever direction his precise memory and unrelenting candor might lead you. The father of Karl Vilips, arguably the best 15-year-old golfer in the nation according to both Golfweek and the World Amateur Golf Ranking, can talk about…

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The A Swing: An Interview With David Leadbetter

If the game of golf handed out some sort of longevity award, David Leadbetter would be among only a handful of instructors meriting the honor. Although technically considered a modern teaching professional, Leadbetter has been analyzing golf swings for nearly 40 years. I’d venture to guess he’s conducted tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lessons during that…

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How Fitness Impacts Our Golf Performance

The Butch Harmon School of Golf in Rio Secco, Nev., is in equal measure a world-class teaching facility and a colorful shrine that commemorates some of the most iconic moments in golf over the past 30 years. Amongst all of the autographed portraits of Harmon’s most famous pupils, the vintage staff bags and golf equipment, a compilation of press clippings…

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