Is The Golf Too Difficult

Is The Game Too Difficult For Beginners?

How does a casual player become an avid golfer? Is it a singular moment, something transcendent, that occurs on the field of play, or is it a totality of moments great and small, majestic and humbling that fuels a passion for the game.

It’s an interesting question not only for its epistemological value, but even more so for its real-world relevancy. The golf industry as a whole is trying to figure out how to add more newcomers to its ranks. We see it at the grassroots level with many individual clubs offering everything from get golf ready programs to drink vouchers with your round of golf. On a larger scale we see efforts made by equipment manufacturers to help all golfers, but especially high-handicappers, hit the ball longer and straighter. Companies like Active Mind Technology, the makers of GAME GOLF, entered the industry with the express purpose of helping all players identify their strengths and weaknesses with the goal of shooting lower scores. But in a much broader sense, what is GAME GOLF if not a platform designed to encourage a younger, more tech-savvy crowd to discover the sport while simultaneously giving existing players another reason to look forward to their next round.

Statistics compiled by GAME GOLF prove conclusively that a typical golfer who struggles to break 100 only drives the ball 171 yards on average.

Some people might argue that participation in the game is leveling out, returning to its natural state of equilibrium before Tiger-mania. The National Golf Foundation figures there’s about 20 million avid golfers who account for 94 percent of all rounds played. Since 2011, the number of very active players has remained almost exactly the same which, if you like to put a nice spin on things, suggests that the old adage – a golfer for life – really does ring true for many.

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